Auxenta: Guiding Enterprises to Maintain High Quality Standards

Chandana Ranasinghe, VP of Quality Assurance
Since quality has a significant impact on business results, testing practices are gaining critical acclamation across various organizations. This in turn initiates the need for a model that can evaluate the capability of an organization’s infrastructure in terms of quality, performance, and testing, facilitating effortless enhancements to meet the future needs more widely. Auxenta, a Mountain View, CA based company provides QA testing models to assess the scalability of the infrastructure and to customize the business environment into a more productive one. “Through this approach we are aiding the organizations across sectors like finance, capital markets, and insurance to maintain quality parameters,” says Chandana Ranasinghe, Co-Founder and VP of Quality Assurance at Auxenta.

Born as a consulting firm, Auxenta offers a wide array of models to enterprises covering several domains under its wing. “We deal with two major categories—first, the Enterprise Quality Assessment (QA) under which we have QA assessment, process improvement, and setting up a Center of Excellence (CoE) within the infrastructure. Secondly, we deliver QA testing services, which includes test automation, performance testing, penetration, security, mobile application, and cloud testing,” states Ranasinghe. The Enterprise QA Assessment is a key prototype offered by the firm to assess capabilities of enterprises, develop process excellence, and enhance superiority of the operations. The team of experts from Auxenta identifies the pros and cons of the organizations and guides the client to take initiatives to enhance the processes. The Test Automation model of Auxenta helps organizations to create assets, frameworks, and components that can be reused and leveraged across various projects, thereby increasing ROI from test automation suites. Furthermore, Auxenta has developed a framework in the QA module to support the capital market companies. This version helps the financial institutions to maintain the required parameters in terms of processes and information.
Auxenta has a major stake in the services domain as well, where they have helped several organizations to analyze, design, architect and examine potential vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. “This in turn enables the client to implement security standards prior to any breach of potential threats to the enterprise,” says Shahani Markus, Co-Founder and CTO, Auxenta.

The company differentiates itself through their deep expertise and experience, which they own in the QA arena. “As a QA-centric firm, we are more focused on services to improve the quality standards across several sectors. We try to concentrate more on customer issues and to understand their domain in order to create value through our services,” says Ranasinghe. Auxenta’s highly professional team handles the issues and directs the customer with a solution to resolve the problem. “We own a strong governance team to maintain a good relationship with our clients,” asserts Shahani.

As a QA-centric firm, we are focused on niche services to improve the quality standards across several sectors

Looking forward, Auxenta has begun to launch a suite of products to enhance the quality standards for their customer base. “We are focusing on our framework for test automation and will be bringing in robust tools for performance testing. We are also looking into domain specific testing tools for financial service customers,” states Ranasinghe. Auxenta also envisions to expanding its horizon in parts of East Coast U.S, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. “Simultaneously, our team of innovators is working on a comprehensive mobile testing framework, which will examine devices more in depth and ensure secure performance as well,” concludes Shahani.


Mountain View, CA

Chandana Ranasinghe, VP of Quality Assurance and Shahani Markus, Co-founder and CTO

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