Etech Global Services: Web-based Software for Quality Evaluation

Matt Rocco, President and COO
A stringent QA process enhances organizations’ ability to meet customer requirements. However, to achieve the specific parameters is an arduous task for several firms as they are unable to implement a high-performing quality system to regulate the daily operations. “We’ve discovered that often a QA team fails to deliver results when objectives/ KPIs are not defined clearly due to lack of communication and feedback, automated QA processes, and integration of systems with the quality management system,” says Matthew Rocco, President and COO, Etech Global Services. Etech Global Services, a Nacgdoches, TX based company addresses these challenges through their web based software for quality evaluation of calls, emails and chat.

Etech Global Services offers BPO QA services to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction as well as gather important business intelligence. Etech’s QEval is an innovative call center monitoring software that manages contact center QA programs. “Our comprehensive QA software captures specific metrics to provide intelligent reporting to be used in the continuous improvement efforts. With dynamic reporting functionality, QEval goes well beyond merely compiling data or verifying compliance,” asserts Rocco. Integrated Customer Engagement (ICE) is another solution for businesses to overcome the challenges of today’s competitive environment. ICE has Chat, Email, Custom application and QA—all integrated—and allows an easy switch over for different functionalities. ICE has been uniquely designed to offer different solutions built upon a common platform, while still being independently operational. ICE ensures greater customer engagement and helps for an effortless flow of information that is secured and available at your fingertips. “Our QA team has the capability to generate data and analytical report in the form of Pareto charts, control charts, Gantt charts, histograms, trend and correlation charts along with the regular reports,” claims Rocco.

Etech has leveraged its extensive industry experience and insights to help many notable clients across the globe. For instance, a fortune 500 telecommunications firm with over millions of customers across the globe desired to increase their sales and overall revenue.
To achieve this goal, the firm collaborated with Etech, where they designed an improvement process with the Six Sigma approach to progress sales conversion and sustain those results. With the help of quality assurance and the process improvement approach—DMAIC-(Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control)—Etech Global Services was able to improve Click-to-Chat sales conversion and consistently sustained good results above the industry standard for the client.

Our comprehensive Quality Assurance software captures specific metrics to provide intelligent reporting to be used in the continuous improvement efforts

Etech has been in the contact center business for over 15 years, where they have made a remarkable difference for customers enabling them to build stronger brands, strengthen customer relationships, and gained market share through the firm’s robust quality assurance program. “Our quality assurance approach standards are documented and timely reviewed. Appropriate changes are made to the quality assurance plan based on the feedback and process improvements. Our quality assurance managers participate across the full range of all project activities to ensure the necessary levels of objectivity and compliance.” With in-depth call center expertise, methodologies, and proven best practices, their service offerings are tailored with unique solutions to help produce tangible results.

Looking ahead, Etech desires to expand its footprint across various places to serve in a more qualitative manner. “We are planning to expand our business across North America, Asia Pacific, UK, and Australia,” concludes Rocco.

Etech Global Services

Nacogdoches, TX

Matt Rocco, President and COO

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