EtQ: Streamlining Enterprise Processes for Quality Management

Morgan Palmer, CTO
I love the whole process and experience around surfing. There is a strategy around knowing the best surfing spots, the right equipment, patience, perseverance of getting the right moment to strike and ride the wave,” says Morgan Palmer, the CTO of EtQ. Finding many similarities between his interest and his business, he uses the same strategy to steer EtQ, a company that is revolutionizing the landscape of Quality Management Systems (QMS) through rich pragmatic solutions. Founded in 1992, EtQ offers cornerstone QMS solutions to some of the world’s largest and most complex companiesto maintain a high level of quality and compliance. “Today’s companies are expected to perform numerous tasks to be on par with market changes, protect brand equity, and maintain quality. These companies are constantly looking for newer ways to build a level of visibility and control into their business systems,” explains Palmer. Addressing these challenges, EtQ offer innovative solutions that capacitate enterprises to identify quality events and embrace continuous improvement. “Our QMS solutionintegrates and streamlines different processes from the top floor to shop floor,” remarks Palmer.

The company’s enterprise solution, EtQ Reliance, is a robust compliance platform designed to automate processes related to Quality Management across various areas including complaint handling, non-conformance, audit management, FMEA, and more. The solution also provides a framework for event correction—Corrective and Preventive Action, Risk Assessment, Action planning and investigation. This best-in-class framework drives the clients to achieve accelerated results and promote efficiencies. “EtQ Reliance, being a centralized solution, pulls information from all areas of business to offer transparency within businesses,” points out Palmer. Adding more credits on its side, EtQ furnishes tools to foster continuous improvement in areas such as Document Control, Employee Training, Change Management, and Enterprise Reporting and Analytics.

Besides quality improvement, the company has expertise in the areas of cloud deployment and supply chain compliance. “EtQ stands at forefront of facilitating strong cloud deployment options.
This not only give customers options in deploying the solution, but also enables building solutions that can extend compliance beyond thefirm’s four walls,” expresses Palmer.

In spite of the QMS software market being diverse with the involvement of many competing vendors, EtQ distinguishes itself through its flexible workflow platform and noteworthy technology. “The robustness, simplicity and configurability of our solutions make us alike,” opines Palmer.

EtQ’s solutions are leveraged by multiple organizations across sectors. In one such example, a client of EtQ, who is a large consumer products company, faced challenges with the integration and consolidation of business systems. This lead the client’s multiple branches to have a disconnected view of Quality across the enterprise. Embracing EtQ’s Reliance, the client benefited from single, global view window of Quality and compliance measurement. “Our solution enabled the client to shift their focus from just keeping up with quality events, to actually driving continuous improvement and focusing on moving the business forward in their compliance initiatives,” claims Palmer.

EtQ’s Reliance, being a centralized solution, pulls information from all areas of business to offer transparency within the firm

EtQ continues to build their solution set around the customers and market needs. Going forward, the company senses exciting opportunities towards expanding their cloud-based Reliance portal that would enable the clients to collaborate with their suppliers and external parties without granting access to their internal system. “Also, our company envisions to continue our work towards an of Internet of Things platform (IoT),” says Palmer.


Farmingdale, NY

Morgan Palmer, CTO

A company offering pragmatic QMS solutions that enable their clients to maintain business quality and compliance

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