Omnex Systems: Meeting Quality Standards through Software Solutions

Chad Kymal, Founder and President
For enterprises with distributed operations, it can be challenging to manage business processes and documentation in a way that ensures that global standards and customer specific requirements are met. To successfully do this the integration and standardization of workflows and processes are required. This can be done using software for document control and distribution, auditing, problem solving, calibration and measurement systems analysis and more. Omnex Systems offers an integrated software solution that reduces the cost of implementation of standards in an enterprise and the cost of complying with standards. The Omnex Solution not only offers an Enterprise Quality Solution, but also an Enterprise Integrated Management System solution, i.e. ISO 9001 ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and others.

Omnex Systems was founded in 1984 as a part of the Omnex group of companies by Chad Kymal, President and founder of the group. “The company’s core focus is improving quality and business systems for our clients from a wide range of industries,” says Kymal. Omnex Systems’ leading edge software and services enable its clients to achieve better quality standards and be more compliant with standardization norms. Omnex Systems is able to do so through its enterprise wide QMS software which helps its customers to solve the conformance and compliance issues they face. Omnex Systems’ products and services are designed with an eye to ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 14000, QOS, APQP, TPM, TQM and Six Sigma.

With six patents already added and the seventh one on its way, Omnex Systems’ investments in innovation and technology are seen in its products. The Enterprise-wide Quality and Integrated Management System (EwQIMS), developed by Omnex Systems, uses web-based technology to connect and communicate in a global environment. The suite can be classified as an Enterprise Quality and Integrated Management Systems suite and an Advance Quality Planning (APQP and PPAP) suite. EwQIMS manages multiple sites with support for multi-language and multi-date formats and includes integrated email notification, reminders and escalation services. It is ready to integrate with legacy and ERP systems using APIs, and has one-point user authentication, role-based security. EwQIMS acts as a fully web based, integrated relational database solution with Lean data entry; this drives benefits including the ability to manage enterprise quality systems across all sites and business units, reduction of enterprise documentation and real savings in time and money amongst others.
It is the only suite on the market that integrates Advanced Product Quality Planning, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, or Risk Management into a EwQIMS Suite. Omnex Systems’ product is unique in that it has evolved beyond enterprise quality to include environmental, health, safety and compliance requirements; most competitive products address only enterprise quality or only APQP or PPAP.

Omnex has contributed significantly to the development, implementation and continual improvement of methodologies used by organizations worldwide. These methodologies have transformed the automotive, semiconductor and service industries. In the process, Omnex has built an impressive clientele in sectors like automotive, aviation, logistics, and many more.

One of Omnex’s clients, a prominent American automotive giant, faced competition from foreign markets like Europe and Asia. The competitors were more productive since their parts per million counts were substantially lower. After implementation of Omnex’s solutions, the client’s results showed significant and measurable improvements up to 150 percent in two years. These success stories have been repeated hundreds of times in the thousands of customers Omnex has globally in Automotive, Aerospace, and Semiconductor/Electronics.

Omnex’s solutions enable their clients to move from percent defectives to PPM defectives and achieve Global Standardization with integration in compliance and in supplier quality

Omnex Systems serves clients in more than 34 countries through offices around the world. In addition to serving companies in established economies, Omnex is also working in emerging markets where its multinational clients increasingly do business.

Omnex Systems

Ann Arbor, MI

Chad Kymal, Founder and President

Omnex Inc. is an international consulting, training and software development organization specializing in management system solutions that elevate the performance of client organizations.