CEBOS: Integrated Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management Systems

Bob Herdoiza, President
The importance of quality management has increased significantly within the enterprise, yet many organizations are lacking a fully integrated quality management system (QMS). This absence deeply impacts C-level management’s ability to optimize decision making and leaves organizations at high risk for significant recalls and lower margins.

CEBOS, a division of QAD Inc., develops quality management software to solve this problem. Bob Herdoiza, President of CEBOS, explains, “The challenges our products solve include: enabling organizations to comply with quality management standards, automating workflows required to comply with such standards and integrating related processes, seamlessly within the QMS.” Herdoiza adds “Further, our customers need to be planning to take advantage of current and future trends including: mobility, the shift to the cloud, integration of cloud based applications, the growing scope of the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and analytics.”

To take advantage of these trends, the key is to stay up-to-date with technology and the ever changing QMS requirements. CEBOS has carved a niche in the market with its nearly two decades of experience in enabling customers to achieve this objective. “Our application is fully browser-based, mobility friendly and was created to provide secure on premise and cloud solutions to manufacturers. We embrace advancing technology and invest heavily in innovating using new technology to ensure our offerings drive the utmost value to our customers,” says Herdoiza.

CEBOS has created a platform with comprehensive, preconfigured QMS templates so users can deploy out of the box very quickly while minimizing implementation time and costs. This includes workflows, roles and security, reports, graphical metrics, documentation for each QMS process and full mobility support on any device. The system was created with scalability in mind.

Our application is fully browser-based, mobility friendly and was created to provide secure on premise and cloud solutions to manufacturers

Since the system is a platform, users, through an simple, intuitive graphical user interface, can make changes to workflows without having to pay CEBOS for software customization. This allows users to scale the system as their business changes.

Implementation is critical to any software deployment project. CEBOS has specifically designed its implementation process to meet the individual needs of the deploying organization. They begin with an onsite review during the sales process, prior to purchase. Upon gathering the needed information, a detailed project plan is created employing CEBOS’ standard implementation methodology: Planning, Design and configuration, Test and accept, and Deploy and evolve.

One of the biggest differentiating factors for the CEBOS QMS is the level of technological innovation and depth of functionality. According to Herdoiza, “User experience is so important. Users want a simple user interface, that is, to be able to see only what they need when they need it. On the other side, having the functionality to accommodate the requirements of today’s complex manufacturer is an absolute must. That is what we have achieved and will continue to innovate against.”

CEBOS’ is well positioned to continue to be a market leader in technology. With its goal of “Comply, Automate, Integrate”, organizations who deploy CEBOS’ platform will enjoy huge efficiency gains, increased quality and higher operating margins.


Brighton, MI

Bob Herdoiza, President

Developing a scalable, integrated QMS platform that will save organizations’ time when complying with management standard requirements