Loyal Solutions: A Simplified Approach to Compliance and Risk Management

Pablo Born, President & CEO
Pablo Born, President and CEO of Loyal Solutions, terms his company’s approach to Quality Management Systems (QMS) as the one similar to a Formula 1 (F1) car coming in for a pit stop. “In F1, everything happens within a few seconds. One person lifts the car using a screw jack while another replaces the worn out tire with a new one. As one team checks on the driver, another team checks various parts fitting the car. That’s how the implementation of quality management should be—quick, efficient, and collaborative.”

Likewise, Loyal Solutions delivers a blend of quality, compliance, and risk management, addressing organizations’ requirements for risk systems for ISO certifications. As the compliance and ISO industries evolve continuously, businesses need to explore ways to integrate risk management systems within their operations to be compliant.

In line with these prerequisites, Loyal Solutions factors in regulations such as HACCP, ISO 14001, EHS, ISO 9001, ISO 50001, and FS22000 for document management, risk mitigation or government compliance, along with an optimized integrated management system. It provides a simplistic, yet comprehensive solution using cloud applications, which combines operational modules such as quality management, document management systems (DMS), and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) into a single QMS framework. Bolstered by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification, Loyal Solutions’ offerings allow clients to manage 10s and 1000s of documents on the go. This offering is strengthened by an intuitive user interface that allows users to seamlessly navigate through different applications interlinked with each other.

The company’s portfolio can be hosted on-premise or on cloud infrastructure, facilitating quick installations and immediate return on investment (ROI). Such an infrastructure allows organizations to strengthen the ‘three Cs’ required for effective QMS operations: communication, collaboration, and coordination. In addition to that, the organization provides after sales service for upgrades and improvements apart from providing support to get rid of bugs if any. These feature sets are substantiated by the company’s 20 years of experience that sheds light on numerous endeavors, which have helped Loyal Solutions’ clients achieve their desired efficiencies.

Loyal Solutions delivers a blend of quality, compliance, and risk management, addressing organizations’ requirements for risk systems for ISO certifications

In a recent collaboration with Monsanto and Bayer, Loyal Solutions aided the two companies in obtaining a streamlined workflow through their integrated management systems. As Monsanto and Bayer were nearing a merger, the deployment of QMS systems spanning different geographies proved to be an uphill task for the duo. Partnering with Loyal Solutions, the two companies seamlessly orchestrated the implementation of QMS for more than 3,000 users across various branches. A similar affiliation with Genneia, a renewable energy specialist, showcases Loyal Solutions’ integration capabilities. Some of the key advantages that benefitted Genneia significantly were the implementation of QMS, management of audits, and corrective actions for risk mitigation. Likewise, Loyal Solutions has served various organizations across industries such as food, pharmaceutical, logistics, automobile, agriculture, and financial, connecting multiple data points within their workflows.

The steadfast grasp on integrated management systems and cloud-based solutions has positioned Loyal Solutions at the pedestal of quality management. “I think the concept of collaboration and streamlined workflows assists organizations in crafting unified ecosystems, aimed at achieving the desired organizational efficiencies. That is what our company is all about,” emphasizes Born. The trend of cloud-based applications serves as rocket fuel that propels the company to unify multiple business process elements, providing a streamlined workflow for its clients. Through this portfolio, Loyal Solutions aspires to expand into newer territories, nurturing partnerships with consulting groups along with organizations that employ the company’s solutions.

Loyal Solutions

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pablo Born, President & CEO

Provides integrated risk management solutions through on-premise and cloud infrastructures

Loyal Solutions