Qualityze: A Yardstick of Quality

Chandra Shekar, Founder & CEO
“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”–Steve Jobs

Having worked as a quality management consultant and industrial leader for more than 20 years, Chandra Shekar has learned companies, regardless of industry, can differentiate themselves with a commitment to excellence and an environment that supports a culture of quality.

With a driving passion to bring next generation technology into the quality space, Chandra Shekar has laid the cornerstone of Qualityze to simplify customers’ lives and create positive product outcomes. Qualityze delivers a next-generation cloud-based quality management solution that incorporates industry best practices with a cost-effective implementation methodology. The solution is been designed to be naturally intuitive, easy to implement, deploy and maintain.

“Qualityze was born with the intention to engender a culture of quality that provides value to our customers,” says Chandra Shekar, Founder & CEO of Qualityze. The company has successfully partnered with Salesforce. com to provide its customers with best-in-class technology platform that ensures the security, scalability, performance, and reliability to support its customers across the globe. Utilizing the powerful Salesforce.com platform features such as Community Portals, Analytics, Chatter, IoT, AI with Lightning enabled interfaces along with Qualityze intellectual capital helps customers achieve greater success through a quality focus.

Qualityze caters to customers across Manufacturing, Lifesciences, Automotive, Aerospace, Hi Tech, Consumer Electronics and Services sectors. One of the significant benefits Qualityze brings to all sectors is reduced time to deploy with its QuickStart implementation methodology and its library of reusable project templates, which are made available to its customers at the beginning of every project. Qualityze has reduced the implementation time by almost 70 percent. Qualityze with Salesforce.com platform easily integrates with ERP, MES and CRM systems. The fact is, cloud-based systems can be deployed faster and are a major advantage to companies.

Qualityze was born of the intention to help engender a culture of quality that provides value to our customers

Qualityze worked with a multi-billion-dollar enterprise organization to reduce manual efforts and improve the accuracy of information gathered for their quality management system. Qualityze helped connect their customers through a quality portal. Previously, customers communicated with the company through phone calls, emails, or even postcards, now they have thousands of customers communicating through this portal to provide qualitative records of the products utilized. This reduced the client's cycle time by 70-80 percent while allowing consumers to analyze the products and provide feedback. This led to reduction in intensive labor and high risks from the manual systems. Qualityze EQMS integrated with enterprise CRM and ERP applications in just weeks bringing manufacturers and its customers to interact closely with a customer-centric approach.

We seek customers that are looking to create, maintain and expand a “Culture of Quality”, by including everyone in the organization to improve product and consumer outcomes through leveraging “best in class” quality processes. Our “best in class” quality processes are developed, maintained and updated by staying aligned with best practices endorsed by industry experts such as ASQ, ISO and the FDA.

So, what’s next? “There is a huge opportunity to elevate quality to a strategic discipline” says Chandra Shekar. As an industry leader, Qualityze will continue to offer a unified quality centric source of truth that delivers accelerated leadership visibility to identify trends, mitigate risk, enforce accountability and drive continuous improvement.

Qualityze future proofs your investment while providing high value through our team’s commitment to your success through quality.


Tampa, FL

Chandra Shekar, Founder & CEO

Provides a quality compliance and process management system built on the cloud