Remarque Systems: Consolidating Patient Data for Better Clinical Trials

Mike Arlotto, Founder
One of the major challenges that plague the clinical trial ecosystem is its immense data repository and a shortage of effective solutions that aggregate them at one place. It becomes extremely difficult for organizations to sift through a pile of systems in order to gain valuable insights from data, which in turn reduces the pace of clinical trials and the efficiency. Mike Arlotto—a technology evangelist and an entrepreneur—sought to put an end to these issues, and with that vision, he founded the NC-based firm Remarque Systems in 2015. “We have the expertise in collecting data from multiple sources and presenting it in a single view to our customers,” begins Arlotto, founder, Remarque Systems. He continues, “Our solutions can aggregate data from electronic data capture and clinical trial management systems as well as laboratory and EMR systems while consolidating them on a single user interface.”

By leveraging data analytics along with AI and machine learning, Remarque Systems’ comprehensive quality management solutions visualize and cluster patient data. This helps in identifying outliers and missing data. Remarque Systems’ AI acts as a recommendation engine to identify trends in the clinical trial ecosystem. The firm uses a distance algorithm that aggregates and analyzes data to cluster patients, thereby bringing all clinical trial participants under one umbrella. “The most important aspect of a quality management system is the quality design process built into it. Our solutions allow organizations to work through the systems, identify patient safety and quality related risks, and assist in mitigating them,” explains Arlotto. In addition, Remarque Systems’ solutions alert the clinical trial monitors in case they find any aberrations in patients’ normal body functions, facilitating safety and enhancing clinical trial participation. “The unique selling point of our solutions is the combination of business intelligence tools and a true operating system. Our solutions have the ability to generate actionable insights of clinical trial data,” Arlotto adds.

Remarque Systems also houses a wide range of cloud-based libraries of APIs that can be easily integrated with most of the EDC and clinical trial management systems.

The unique selling point of our solutions is the combination of business intelligence tools and a true operating system

Because of such cloud-powered APIs, the integration process is extremely quick—often less than two weeks. In addition, Remarque Systems’ solutions are very user-friendly. That enables organizations to get acquainted with the systems in no time.

While assisting one of its clients in a clinical trial that required examining the body weights of patients, Remarque Systems leveraged its solutions to facilitate the trial process. The contract research organization (CRO) struggled with the challenge of tracking the body weight of patients in every visit as they had to navigate through a plethora of systems and perform calculations in order to reach the conclusion. With Remarque Systems’ solutions in place, the CRO streamlined this complex process and created calculated metrics as all the patient data was consolidated in a single user interface, augmenting the efficiency of the trial in the process. This is one of the many examples that highlight the value that Remarque Systems imparts to the clinical trial landscape.

In order to further ease the complexities of clinical trial processes, Remarque Systems has many support options that can be extremely beneficial for trial projects. Apart from providing 24/7 product support to all its clients, Remarque Systems also offers subject matter expertise, training and consultation to individuals involved in clinical trials. While these support options enhance the pace of trials, the firm continues to upgrade its solutions to stay relevant and agile. Going forward, Remarque Systems endeavors to strengthen its clientele by adding more functionality into its solutions suite to support the needs of both independent research organizations and major enterprise clients, thereby expanding its customer base across the length and breadth of the United States.

Remarque Systems

Chapel Hill, NC

Mike Arlotto, Founder

Remarque Systems is a software development company formed in 2015 by people passionate about innovation in clinical trials

Remarque Systems