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Matt Rocco, CEO
Exceptional customer service starts with effective and strategic process quality improvement that involves both team leaders and an unbiased quality assurance team. Quality assurance in the call center is a critical piece to success. It can help to improve customer experience and gives agent-productivity a robust boost. Companies have already started exploring different ways to listen to the VOCs and make well-informed business decisions. This is where Etech steps in; for, reducing customer effort at every point of interaction significantly increases the customer experience leading to higher performance metrics. For 20 years and counting, the company has been a leading provider of customer engagement solutions for many of the world’s most trusted brands.

To make customer interactions seamless, Etech uses the Speech Analytics platform (AI platform) and their proprietary Quality Analytics platform—QEval Pro—to help their clients deliver better customer experience. This synchronization of the artificial intelligence and analytics platform helps identify and improve agents’ performance—which ultimately enhances the customer experience. Etech understands the challenges of establishing an experience culture because the ever-changing technological sphere is outpacing the users in the contact center world. “Our response to this is to simplify the data experience by automating the complex AI queries and outputs through a simplified front end, such as our proprietary QMS software, QEval Pro,” asserts Matt Rocco, President and CEO at Etech. “This automation process provides an effortless translation of the AI statistical models to actionable data and bypasses the traditional hiccups such as transcription errors that have an impact on teachability and adoption.”

Etech provides robust insights that encompass user experience, agent experience, coaching recommendations, and marketing intelligence. The company overlays each facet of the experience to determine factors to improve KPI’s that directly affect profitability. They have proved to be a one-stop-shop provider for inbound, outbound, chat, social media management, and quality assurance services. The most prominent value addition that Etech Global Services provides is Etech Insights. It has more than 250 dedicated analysts, engineers, and data scientists that work as a third party to provide analytics, quality feedback, and ensure compliance while providing actionable insights.

“Our data scientists refine large data set into actionable insights along with customer experience analytics that is used to drive successful behaviors,” states Rocco. To further substantiate the company’s capabilities, Jim Iyoob, Etech’s Chief Customer Officer, highlights a case study where they assisted a hotelier’s contact center and analyzed a small sample set of 178,000 calls. Etech processed these interactions through their Speech Analytics platform, and with their pre-configured Sales Analytics solution, they found that 25,000 of these calls were to cancel their reservation.

The company’s Data Scientists team deep-dived into these 25,000 cancellations calls to understand the reasons behind these cancellations. AI analytics surfaced that 56 percent of these calls were canceled due to change in travel plans. Also, the agents were not providing any rebuttals on such calls. Iyoob stated, “After reviewing our findings with the client, they were able to make a simple strategic change immediately—have the agents mandatorily offer rebook option to change customer’s vacation for a later date. ”
Jim Iyoob, CCO
Etech integrated all the available data points from AI into Etech’s QEval Pro to monitor and close loop the entire process. The company created dashboard set-ups to measure the cancellation rate, agent adherence at the vendor level, location
level, etc. Using agent and supervisory level reports, Etech started tracking the agents’ adherence to the rebooking option and the corresponding cancellation rate. Trending reports were extensively utilized to monitor the progress and provide targeted coaching to outliers closely. Within 4-6 weeks, there was a considerable reduction in cancellation and significant improvement in the net booking rate.

In order to garnish incredible insights from every customer interactions, Etech uses the Speech Analytics platform (AI platform) and their proprietary Quality Analytics platform—QEval Pro—enabling their clients to deliver better customer experiences by providing actionable and real time feedback

Within three months, Etech increased the client’s conversion rate by 2 percent resulting in a $500,000 increase in revenue. Etech ultimately increased the client’s brand quality effectiveness rating by 8 percent within five months. The improvement in customer experience saw their cancellation rate decrease by 3 percent. Additionally, the company also helped its client to accelerate their revenue growth by 34 percent in two quarters. Hold time was reduced by 22 percent, and average call duration went down by 10 percent, enabling the client to take 31 percent more calls compared to Q2 with the same agent headcount.

Scripting similar success stories, Etech is planning to continue developing its customer care centers in secondary labor markets and targeted employment areas with the intent of controlling labor costs while still providing superior integrated service solutions. “The geographic expansion will help us gain access to new markets and talent pools, reduce costs, and perhaps most importantly, provide a robust pipeline to fuel our future growth. We are also conducting a survey to establish our market globally strategically,” comments Rocco. The company’s global centers have the capabilities to customize the solution that best fits all clients’ needs by reducing operational costs and increasing profitability

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Nacogdoches, TX

Matt Rocco, CEO and Jim Iyoob, CCO

Etech Global Services is a global leader of customer engagement solutions serving some of the world’s most trusted brands. Etech is trusted with their most precious assets- their customers. Etech honors commitments and delivers; the result is measurably changing behavior while driving business growth and profitability through solutions that engage millions of customers each day across multiple touchpoints using analytical, traditional, digital, mobile and emerging technologies to communicate with customers when and how they choose

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