Software Quality Center: Accomplished Leaders in Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Kris Puthucode, CEO
In the past two decades, significant strides have been made in the QA area. From being nothing more than Quality=Testing back in the 80s and 90s to evolving as a sought after niche by itself. The reasons behind this transformation are the strides made in certifications and the wide variety of models and standards which have emerged to guide organizations in using best practices for all aspects of their business. This has resulted in better quality and business performance and has also evolved organizations’ emphasis on quality as they take a proactive approach to have quality practices “built-in.” However, having to compete fiercely in their markets, companies have to “push the product out of the door” without due emphasis on quality. This where Software Quality Center (SQC) makes a difference. “We preach and hold our clients throughout our engagement (a key differentiator for us), with a “Walk with you” approach, through our training, consulting and certification/appraisal services that leaves them stronger, not for just barely meeting compliance,” says Kris Puthucode, the president and CEO of Software Quality Center (SQC).

SQC’s methodology focuses on using management systems and best practices to facilitate a preventive attitude in engineers and organizations, rather than just one of the corrective actions or for compliance alone. The company’s engagement model has always been an end to end provider of starting with an understanding and diagnosis of its client organizations’ strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis their business goals and performance objectives, not purelyvis-à-vis the models or standards. This solely then becomes the focus of the further action plans and activities that SQC engages in. “We even provide training and consulting guidance to augment the clients’ staff with our resources while improved practices are being piloted and implemented,” explains Puthucode.

The proof of the pudding is a constant “before and after” comparison in terms of tangible, quantitative performance improvement. The most superlative example can be the case where SQC has been engaged with large multinational systems and products in the engineering sector in facilitating quality improvements.

If you are an organization looking at better performance, whilst meeting regulatory compliance being incidental, then see the difference by engaging with us. The typical “run of the mill” guys will leave you with compliance but nothing beyond that!

Through its model-based adoption of best practices from the Capability Maturity Model Integration® (CMMI®), SQC has walked with the client throughout the past two decades and delivering a plethora of training, consulting and assessment/certification activities. This has to lead to this client multiple benefits, accolades for performance excellence and quality from national and international bodies., and also achieving desired certifications and ratings, something that less than a dozen companies the world has achieved. The adoption of best practices has helped them tremendously to deliver better, faster, and more efficient products and services for their customers, thereby leading them to achieve several international accolades in quality.

What really differentiates SQC is its focus on the approach of “Walk with you,” through its consulting engagements. The company has been established based on its core principles of “Listen-Consult-Partner.” “Without listening, there is just too much talking consulting organizations do. We established this as a core differentiator. We don’t provide solutions that clients don’t need., we focus on making them more efficient for their clients and in a cost-effective, repeatable fashion. This leaves them stronger when we are gone,” informs Puthucode. For the next few years, the company will enlarge its footprint and market share in Agile, AI, IoT, and Cybersecurity sectors. “The contemporary age is of these focus areas, and SQC has already forayed in these methodologies by working with companies that use these methodologies and have been successful as well,” concludes Puthucode.

Software Quality Center

Glendale, Arizona

Kris Puthucode, CEO

Software Quality Center LLC. (SQC) is among the world's leading IT Quality Assurance Consulting and management consulting organizations. Established 16 years ago, SQC is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, with presence in Northern Virginia region, and overseas in Bangalore, India. SQC employs 30+ high-caliber, top-notch consultants world-wide in IT and Software Quality Assurance, and process improvement. SQC is a Partner of the CMMI® Institute, as an licensed official provider of products, technologies and services of the CMMI® Institute, more popularly known as the home of the "Gold standard" for software and service industries in DoD, Federal and Commercial organizations worldwide, known as the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) SQC's works as a collaborator consulting partner and Approved provider with the Business Development Institute International (BD-Institute), the World's only Sales and Business Development improvement and best practices model for sales and BD. SQC has been curucial in development and managing of the BD-CMM model, the only best practices standard for Sales and Business Development, enabling companies to "Win Smarter" and "Win Consistently" in an ever-competitive global marketplace